“ Three of my children have attended Minerva Montessori and our fourth will we attending shortly as soon as she is old enough. During their time in Minerva, they have blossomed as individuals becoming confident preschoolers ready to face the challenges of primary school. The teachers have created a classroom where all children are treated with love and respect and this atmosphere of respect is reflected in turn in how the kids treat each other. The staff understand how things that seem trivial to others can sometimes seem monumental to a toddler ( and their parents)!! My three elder children have become well rounded, happy children and this is in no small part due to the gentle care and attention given to them in Minerva. I could not recommend a Montessori more”

Leo and Olivia have been in Minerva for over 2 years. In that time they have grown and developed great life skills thanks to the wonderful teachers in Minerva. It truly is a unique and special environment and such a lovely place to drop our two off every morning. The security and love they feel and receive, as a parent makes us so grateful to Blanche and the staff for creating such an environment. The facilities and outdoor spaces for them to play in are superb as well as all the extra activities they partake in. We will be really sad to say goodbye in June but cannot thank you all enough for providing Leo and Olivia with the confidence and skills to start their next big chapter.

Ruth and Brian

My Niece Martha was introduced to Blanche Louise and Sue eight and half years ago where she began her days in creche under their care. We could all see how quickly Marthas communication had come on from their teachings and she was so happy in the environment that these girls created for her and the other children.

My Son Sean was born 2 years later – but while I was pregnant (I think I was only 8 weeks gone) I put down his name with the girls to ensure he had a place with them. Again as soon as he joined we saw a leap in his communication and he responded so well to all of the teachings and fun tasks he was given every day.

Both Martha and Sean stayed with Blanche and even followed her to her new creche Minerva when it first opened. The ethos of how Minerva is run is excellent. All of the staff are attentive, caring and really fun people who look after the children to a very high standard. I now have my 22 month going to Minerva and every time I walk through the first room to get to the baby room, Emma and Gill are always so friendly – and welcoming which always sets me up really nicely for the day.

Sue is in charge of the toddlers and again – is brilliant with the children, giving them little jobs to do which they all feel so proud to be asked to do !! They have all settled in so well – the environment in Sues room is one of contentment, happiness and calm !!!

Louise and Blanche, Gill, Emma, Sue – and Brona are all so enthusiastic about thier jobs, are fully commited and execute and deliver a very high standard in service for all of their clients – no job is ever too big and the support network and team effort is second to none – and I will continue to highly recommend Minerva as I have done for the last 9 years.

Clara Lambert

Molly has spent two fantastic years with Blanche as her Montessori Teacher. Molly adores Blanche and talks about her at home a lot. Thanks to Blanche, Molly is well prepared for starting school later this year. Her social and education skills have notably progressed.

Blanche is an extremely dedicated Teacher, possessing a gentle, nurturing and positive demeanour in dealing with children. Blanche has truly won the love of children and the esteem of the parents.

Bobby & Shirley Gorby

My daughter Aifric attended Blanche Burke’s Montessori class for 2 years and loved every minute. Blanche teaches in such a gentle and fun filled manner, that she never realised how much she was learning.

From phonics to discovering more about the world around her, Aifric is now full of confidence and really well prepared for school. I cannot recommend Blanche highly enough.

Noëlle Healey

Blanche has a wonderful way with children. She provides a warm, friendly and caring environment where the children are encouraged to learn in a creative and fun way. Jack and Poppy loved her and were very happy to go to Montessori every day

Jenny, mum to Jack (4) Poppy (2)