Our School

The Minerva Montessori is designed to offer children the best possible environment to enable them to develop in line with Maria Montessoris methods. We provide children with a carefully developed set of materials that will stimulate their individual interests and encourage them to realise their innate ability to learn.

Children minds are like sponges. They learn from experience and a natural desire to grow. With our trained teachers we help the child develop their natural ability to learn the basic skills of reading, writing and arithmetic – making education interesting and enjoyable, sowing the seeds for curiosity and a love of learning into the future.

The Minerva Montessori curriculum is designed to meet the needs of young developing minds. Our aim is to treat each child with respect, give them freedom within the limits of our carefully structured environment and let them develop at their own pace as an individual.

We aspire to create an environment that is an invaluable foundation, both mentally, emotionally and physically, for children at this most impressionable stage of their early lives.

Our building is in superb condition, fully refurbished and in a tranquil setting.